Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is an engineering faculty that is active in teaching and research on many topics of electrical engineering and information technology. The thematic focus of these activities is "designing systems", from microelectronic circuits to smart grids.

In addition to the study program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Bachelor and Master), we also offer a study progam in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering (Bachelor and Master). Currently, about 600 students are enrolled in our programs.

In addition to teaching, the four institutes of the faculty are particularly successful in research. Research projects are often carried out with partners from science and industry. This ensures that the content of the courses is up-to-date and there is a close relationship with the practice.

The building of the faculty is the so-called "Wiener-Bau". It was designed by the prominent Leipzig architect Hugo Licht and erected in two construction phase 1889/1890 and 1902/1903 in the so-called Musikviertel of Leipzig, a historical residential quarter with elegant villas and city palaces. The building is named after the American mathematician Norbert Wiener, who was the father of cybernetics and has devoted himself to researching communication and regulation in biological and technical systems.