The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology possesses a large number of laboratories dealing with the teaching content offered in the course of studies. Here, students have the opportunity to consolidate their theoretical knowledge in practice.

Furthermore, the professors carry out their research here and projects are carried out in cooperation with companies.

The Laboratory of the Faculty

Basics of Electrical Engineering

Basics of Electrical EngineeringW102

Institute of Electrical Power Engineering

Electrical power supply (three-phase demonstration model) W24
Renewable energies W313.3
Protection and control technologyW5
Electrical systemsW23
Electrical CADW308.1
Building system technology W312
Electromagnetic compatibility W26
High voltage and high current technology W25
High voltage (High voltage hall)W16
Electrical MachinesW3
Electric drives and power electronicsW4/W5
Electrotechnological processes W215

Institute of Measurement and Control Technology

MSR technologyW030
Control and automation technologyW212/W213

Institute of Electronics and Biomedical Information Technology

Electronics and circuitryW106
Micro computer technologyW104
High-frequency engineering W118
Communications engineering W6
Satellite technology W306
Electro-medical technology W08
Human-machine systems W305

Institute of Process Automation und Embedded Systems

Process control technology W
Data communicationW116.2
Mechatronics W
Embedded Systems W