Research Profile EIT

The research profile of the faculty is carried by four institutes. The following core themes in research are deduced by their tight collaboration.

  • Design of medical engineering devices and methods based on modern sensors and suitable biosignal processing algorithms. Wide-ranging competences in measurement technology, image processing, the development of analogue and digital electronics as well as embedded programming can be brought in by implementing them in hard- and software within the frame of embedded systems.
  • In the field of electrical power engineering the activities range on the safeguard of a high energy quality at an increasingly decentralised generation and with energy from regenerative sources that are discontinuous, on problems of electromagnetic compliance and methods of modern diagnostics.
  • Within the framework of the subject measurement- and control technology the research activities concentrate on theoretical and practical tasks of modelling, designing and implementing control technological systems. This includes the development of new design methods and design tools to describe control technological systems as well as the treatment of specific automation processes and mechatronical projects.

Research and third party funding results

External funds worth 2,528,297 € were solicited at the faculty overall. These funds are apportioned to projects that are running directly at the university or at the research and transfer centre (FTZ). These funds were generated in 73 research- and development projects that were led by 16 professors and three employees of the faculty.